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Arun Hospital
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Welcome to Arun Hospital

The future holds many new vistas. We cannot afford to rest upon our laurels, but each of us must continue to strive to provide the very best care for the patients. The creation of multi and super specialties, the development of critical care emergency services, the continued drive to recruit outstanding practitioners and staff at all levels will sustain our mission. If we are to succeed, we must continue to keep our mission in mind........



The Department of Anesthesiology at Arun Hospital provides anesthetic services to all types of surgeries carried out at the hospital.


The department for dental care of ARUN HOSPITAL provides an excellent dental care system that includes preventive, restorative, and esthetic dentistry as per standards.


The Department of Pediatrics at Arun Hospital provides the branch of medicine that deals with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents carried out at the hospital.

Our recognition as one of the most well known center has enabled us to alliance with some of the best names in insurance industry. Our partnership has in turn reulted in helping us offer regular benefits like cashless transaction to insured patients.

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