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The Orthopaedic Department is manned by a team of highly qualified and skilled orthopaedic specialists. The team comes from a diverse background, having been trained at some of the best institutions in India and overseas.

The highly qualified surgical team is backed by dedicated and caring nurses and physiotherapists to ensure a comfortable postoperative period, return to activity and long term outcomes.

The team aims at providing the country’s best yet cost-effective orthopaedic facilities. The medical team supported by state-of-the-art, purpose built infrastructure and stringent adherence to quality and infection control protocols, has made ARUN Hospital a much sought after destination for the treatment of the entire spectrum of orthopaedic problems.

Joint Replacement

ARUN Hospital is uniquely positioned to offer the finest comprehensive joint replacement care. ARUN Hospital and its multidisciplinary staff have responded both academically and technologically to patient needs in the area of joint reconstruction, with the mission of rendering exceptional care to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from joint diseases, disorders and injuries. A detailed evaluation of patients is performed before formulating a treatment strategy. A range of treatment procedures are available and are thoroughly discussed with each patient. The range of interventions include:

Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery – The team is extensively trained in this field and have between them decades of successful operative experience. In addition to their inherent medical skills, cutting edge technology and proven surgical techniques are utilised to optimise the treatment outcomes. This has resulted in ARUN Hospital enjoying the fastest growing Arthroplasty practice. Based on the patient’s complaints, an individualized plan combining physical therapy, medications, and/or surgical treatment, is recommended. Complex joint reconstruction to rectify a failed joint replacement – This is a challenging procedure for any orthopaedic surgeon requiring specialised expertise and equipment. The team at ARUN Hospital goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure these patients leave the Hospital with a positive outcome.

Treatment of arthritis in younger individuals – Younger individuals can have painful and unstable joints following childhood disorders such as Congenital Hip Dysplasia, Legg-Perthes disease, fractures, infections and Avascular Necrosis. These challenging problems can be managed with non-operative measures, osteotomies, arthrodesis and rarely joint replacement surgery.